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Mermaid Triptych - Chris Howard
Mermaid Triptych: from left to right, "Mermaids Fucking with the Forecast", "Mermaids Discuss the Complexities of Global Shipping", and "A Mermaid and her Friendly Floatees".

Mermaids Fucking with the Forecast: after a particularly raucous underwater celebration, three sisters conjure up a real ship-tosser of a gale, complete with random bolts of lightning, cloud-riding ghost humpbacks, and several million dollars in damages.

Mermaids Discuss the Complexities of Global Shipping: there are millions of shipping containers on vessels on the oceans at any given moment, and for various reasons some of these are lost at sea en route, reported missing, and written off. Someone finds them, mainly because they don't sink right away. The World Shipping Council estimates that on average there are between 500 and 600 containers lost at sea each year--that's hundreds of forty-foot boxes of steel just tumbling over the side of the ship and into the ocean. (This doesn't include cases where the ships themselves sink or run aground. These catastrophic losses put the number of lost containers well over 2000.)

A Mermaid and her Friendly Floatees: In 1992 a container ship bound for the Port of Tacoma lost a container over the side in the middle of a storm in the Pacific Ocean, and almost 30,000 rubber ducks and various other floating animals were released to drift in the currents. As late as 2007, fifteen years later, people were still finding rubber ducks on the shores of Ireland and France, the Floatees having made their way through the Northern Passage, above Canada, around Greenland, and into the Atlantic. More here:…

I painted these three in ArtRage4 and Photoshop CC, about twenty total hours.

Saltwater Witch:
Three of the Queen's Trusted Eight
Three of Queen Nikoletta's bodyguards, surfacing in the grotto beneath Kassandra's house in North Hampton. They're going to do a thorough exploration of the house before the Queen of the Seaborn arrives--sort of like a Secret Service pre-visit detail. Every one of the Seaborn kings or queens appoint their own Trusted Eight--oktoloi, to guard their lives. This scene would have been nice in Sea Throne, but would have taken place after the last chapter--so, here's the visual instead.
Kilauea meets the Sea and they Get On like a HOF
Doing some sketching and concept painting this morning. Could be several months of pent-up volcanic rage that drove this one--say from early November, but I poured that into the paint. I'm in the middle of narrating the audiobook for Seaborn, so that's what's on my mind. My full title is "Kilauea meets the Sea and they Get On like a House On Fire", but I was also thinking Something like "Kassandra Visits the Big Island with an Old Friend", or even, "Holiday snap from Hawaii".


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Chris Howard
United States
I'm a fairly creative guy with a pen and a paint brush, author of Seaborn (Juno Books), Salvage (Masque, 2013), Nanowhere, and a shelf-full of other books. My short stories have appeared in a bunch of magazines and anthologies, including “Lost Dogs and Fireplace Archeology” in Fantasy Magazine, and ‘Tear Apart Worlds” in Pen-Ultimate. My story “Hammers and Snails” was a Robert A. Heinlein Centennial Short Fiction Contest winner. I write and illustrate the comic, Saltwater Witch. My ink work and digital illos have appeared in Shimmer, BuzzyMag, various RPGs, and on the pages and covers of books, blogs, and other interesting places. Last year I painted a 9 x 12 foot Steampunk Map of New York for a cafe in Brooklyn.

Find out everything at


Current Residence: North Hampton
Favourite genre of music: alt,rock,punk, electronic
Operating System: OSX on my MacBook where I do a lot of my digital work, but I also Windows (XP, 7), Linux (Fedora, Ubuntu)
MP3 player of choice: iPad, iPhone
Two new pages up for SaltwaterWitch Comic 16!

This set features the start of an intense discussion between Kassandra and her grandmother--Kallixene. Even with Ephoros at her back, Kassandra's on thin ice, not certain about which direction to go with her new-found family.

Here's the latest Saltwater Witch Newsletter:…

Or go direct!
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